Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good News...Bad News...Good News

Our ApartmentGOOD NEWS...We found a place to live in Denver!
We will be living at 7385 W Kentucky Dr., Lakewood, CO 80226. This picture is the view from outside our new apartment. We will be 15 mins (7.5 miles) from my office in downtown Denver and 5 minutes from our church building.
It's in a great area close to a mall, movie theatre, parks and more.

On the right is a picture of the layout of our apartment. It's a little smaller than our current place, but I'm sure we'll like it. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and an attached garage! That will be nice in the winter! It also has W/D, central A/C, dishwasher and more.

The attached garage will give us a lot of storage room if we get some tall racks as the ceiling in the garage is about 12 ft. high. The complex has great amenities, including a fully furnished 2 bed/2 bath guest suite available at $80 a night right in the complex. This might be a good alternative to a hotel if you want to stay close to us!

Golf Room
I have included pictures of some of the amenities that the clubhouse offers below. There is also an aerobics room where they offer free aerobics classes, and full mens and womens locker rooms with showers, sauna, lockers, and free tanning beds.

Here is the virtual golf simulator room. My favorite!
Game Room

On right is the game room which includes pool, foosball, and a shuffleboard court along with flat screen tv's on the walls to watch while you play.

Weight Room

The weight room isn't quite like going to Gold's gym...but almost! This is half of the weight room with free weights, machines, and they also have a separate cardio room with treadmills, bikes, and stairs to use while watching the TV's around the room.

There are also two rooms where a masseuse offers discount massages to residents twice a month.


Nothing like cooling off in an indoor Olympic sized swimming pool after a nice workout in the gym. But what if it's hot outside you ask? Well there's also an outdoor normal swiming pool and hot tub to use if you want to be out in the sun. They rope off 3 lanes for laps and the rest of this big boy is for swimming!


And here is our living room....just kidding. To top it all off, you can end your day by relaxing in this nice theater available to be reserved by residents for the night!

Don't you want to come visit us now?

BAD NEWS...I sold my motorcycle! GOOD NEWS...I made $550 on it after driving it for a year!


Monday, June 9, 2008

We Haven't Moved Yet...But HE Did!

It's official! The little guy kicked my hand! Alicia was sitting on the couch yesterday and called me over cause she felt something, so then after two or three false alarms and waiting forever, not sure if I actually felt something or if it was just Alicia's breathing...he kicked twice!

I was so excited because up to this point I've felt like the doctors were just playing a cruel trick on us and telling us there was something in there, but now we've made contact! Ha ha.

It felt like a good strong kick, so I'm sure he's going to be a great athlete, make millions, and take care of Alicia and I in our old age. Sorry I couldn't do that for you Dad! Ha ha.

We'll hit the 20 week mark on Wednesday, and only two more weeks before we begin THE THIRD TRIMESTER!! Scary huh!

It's crazy to think that a little Josh will be runnin around here soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Apartment Hunting

Alicia and I recently went out to Colorado for Memorial Day weekend and to look at places to live.

We thought one whole day running around the suburbs of Denver would be enough to find a great place to live, but after looking at 8 different apartment complexes, we're still undecided.

We definitely got a better idea of what the areas are like that we were looking at only on a map, and we did find apartments that we liked, but finding an apartment we liked in the price range we wanted proved to be difficult.

Here is the map we used with each of the blue baloons being an apartment complex that we looked at.

After 8 visits with the complex's leasing agents, we had the routine down. We figured out that 4 things were most important in our search for the best apartment: proximity to my office, size (sq. footage), amenities offered, and storage space.

After coming home and talking about the 8 apartments that we saw, we narrowed our choices down to two three that we really liked, but we still want to look around for more apartment complexes just like the three we liked.

Now that we know what we're looking for, hopefully we can find that perfect place that will be a combination of what we really want and what we want to pay.

In a little more than a month, this view from my hotel window while interviewing will be a common view for me. Hopefully Alicia view from the apartment will be a little less skyscraperish.