Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We finally made it here! We are still finishing getting settled in our little apartment. We did make some big purchases for us, however. We bought a three piece leather couch set brand new for $880.00. We were just going to the furniture store to see what they had, because we were getting tired of sitting on our camping chairs, and walked out with a brand new couch set. We also found a cute dining table set at a garage sale for $40.00. Thanks to Maria's great garage sale hunting! So we are finally all furnished except for the growing list of baby stuff!

Josh's job is going great! He is loving every minute of it. He is doing well and is excited that his first client is Sports Authority. Then on the 18th he is going to fly to Texas for two weeks for his next client. He will travel two weeks every quarter. So the next time he travels will be when we have a baby that is just two weeks old! This is why I am so grateful for family near by or family visiting for help! He enjoyed his trip to California where he got to see most of our California family. He had a great time seeing you all and thank you for taking the time to go and visit him.

I am doing well, I am 7 months along today! He is constantly moving and kicking and rolling around. He loves to start moving a lot right when I am getting ready to fall asleep. Which is fun because Josh gets to feel him move! It is our favorite time of the day to just relax and feel and see this baby growing inside of me! I feel like I am showing but most people I talk too can't believe that I am 7 months along. I am feeling great and have met with all my new doctors out here which so far they are very good. I am keeping busy by putting our little apartment together and I just started trying to make a little nursery out of our very crowed second bedroom.

We also have been enjoying Jen's lake... I mean Dustin's lake! Just kidding Jen! Josh has been able to get in a lot of wake boarding and the new activity he is liking is wake skating. I did wake board once but that was two months ago and don't feel it is wise for me to try now. Josh is also very excited because we got cable for BYU football games, internet, and a land line phone. Which if we don't answer our cell phones this will be the best way to reach us. Our new number is... 720-519-1249.

We are missing our family in Utah and California a lot! We miss you all and can't wait to see you all very soon. Austin we miss you and Makay so much too! We can't wait for you to come out on the airplane and visit us!


  1. Dustin's lake, huh? Ha! He will like hearing that. I love having you guys in Colorado. I can't believe those couches were so inexpensive, you guys are great at finding those deals!

  2. Hi there!!!! I saw your link from Jared's blog. Alicia, you look great for being 7 months. I'm so excited for you guys. We'll have to get together sometime since we're so close.