Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Week of Camping

Well, hopefully this was our last weekend of camping in a row! We have had a great time the last three weekends in a row camping but being almost 8 months pregnant I am glad that they have come to an end. Two weekends ago we had our ward campout up by Bailey and we had a great time getting to know people in our ward. This weekend we went to Buena Vista and camped with my entire family for my grandparents 75th and 80th birthday parties. It was so fun having Jeremy, Terra, and the boys fly out from Utah. We have missed them a lot! We went to Buena Vista on Friday after we picked up the Trail's from the airport and Josh got off work. We made it to our campsite pretty late because we hit so much traffic. But we got there, got settled in and went to bed. We all woke up early and had breakfast then Josh went hiking with my Aunt and Uncle, Corey, and my cousins husbands. They hiked to a high mountain lake where they attempted to fish. The rest of us rode up in the back of the trucks and some people hiked a little, I just rode in the truck. We had a great time, it was fun seeing everyone again.

I am also working on my nursery. I made my own border out of wooden cutouts that I painted. Thank you Bekah for the idea I think it is so cute. I am doing a ocean/surfing theme so the wooden cutouts that I used are a whale, palm tree, crab, and starfish. I am going to attempt to make curtains this week. Now all I need is furniture! We have less than two months until this baby will be here and I am starting to stress and I feel like I am so unprepared. We are taking a couple birthing classes starting this weekend. Hopefully that will help with feeling more and more prepared.


  1. You guys will be great parents! I'm sure with the first you seem very unprepared but you'll do great!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast camping! I absolutely love the wood cut outs Lesh! They are super cute! I'm SOOOOO excited for you both! Janell will be having her baby on my birthday! YEAH! :)