Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Whole Week Old!

Well, we have made it through our first week as parents and loving it! Levi is doing well, he is a really good baby. We have only had a couple of sleepless nights with him. Here are some new pictures of him. We can't wait for everyone to meet him!!! The one picture is of Levi and Josh watching Levi's first BYU game together!


  1. when we come to Colorado I need to meet this young man! He is so freakin adorable, and has the best parents! We miss you guys!

  2. Awesome pics guys! Yes, he's already seen a BYU game! He'll be hooked for life. ha ha Can't wait to come out.

  3. He is so cute! You need to let us all know when you come out to Utah for a visit. We need to get together.