Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Levi is 3 Months old

Well Levi was three months old last week on the 22nd. I can't believe how fast the time flies. He is such a good baby and sleeps well. He is talking and laughing a lot. This past weekend we went to my grandparents in Buena Vista for Saturday. A trip that should take 2.5 hours took 4! Levi slept the whole way which made the icy snowy roads that much better because we didn't have a screaming baby. We made it and my cousin Kristin did my hair and we spent the day with family. We had a great day, but we had to be back home on Sunday for church because we both had to teach, so we headed back towards home and went to Breckenridge to stay with Dustin and Jen at Jen's families cabin. Levi slept for that two hours and then the whole night as well! Sunday morning we left there at 7 and he slept the rest of the way for us home. He has been such a good baby we feel so blessed. We are crossing our fingers and hoping he will stay a good sleeper. Happy 3 month birthday Levi!!! We love you!!!

Also Happy 1st birthday Jake Jake! Happy Birthday to Anna and Chloe yesterday!!!!


  1. Alicia!
    Levi is so cute. It's amazing how quickly they grow up. Elly is now almost 7 months and that just seems so crazy! How is life back in Colorado? Do you love being a stay at home mom? I can't wait for the day. This will be my last year and then Jason will be done with school and start working. FINALLY! What company is Josh working for? Does he like it? haha....well if you have time our blog is http://jandkristyalger.blogspot.com It's good to see your cute little family.

  2. what a cutie! Time does go by so fast! How is CO? We need to get out there soon so we can see you!

  3. Ailcia,
    You are very lucky! My first Dylan was the same way. We had so much fun with him. Then Adriana came along and paid us back for both of them, but we still love her. How are you doing? I hope well!