Tuesday, March 3, 2009

California Trip

Josh had to work in Dallas for the last two weeks. So Levi and I flew out to visit with Josh's family while he was working. I normally go and stay with my family but Josh and I was his family to get close to Levi as well so we are going to try and travel there as much as possible. Josh was able to come on the weekend for his nieces baptism and for his Grandpas funeral. It was a busy weekend but we enjoyed seeing a lot of family and Josh even got to go surfing a little bit. I was nervous flying with Levi for the first time without help. I had him on a front pack my carry on and a diaper bag. Luckily for the help of many strangers we made it OK. Levi didn't enjoy the plane as much as a four month old but he did OK with only a few crying moments waking the people around us on the plane. While we were there Levi went swimming for the first time, played with his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. We love having photographers on both sides of the family because everywhere we go we get awesome pictures!!! Jared and Jenni did a little shoot of Levi for us in his new outfit that Rachel gave him. He is getting so big and cute! He is rolling over, laughing a lot, and is such a good baby. We enjoyed going to the beach although it was cold. It is warmer here today in Denver than it was the whole time I was in California! Levi and I just went for a walk and it was 74 degrees. It is so nice here today! The pictures above are some pictures from the trip and from our walk today.

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  1. Hey Leash,

    If you ever want to you can log into your gallery on our site, click share and then put the link into your blog post if you want to show the pictures to other people. You can get a link that is for a gallery, a slideshow or other types! Cute pictures! Can't wait to see you guys again.