Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Surfers and The Shiner

Here are my two surfers getting ready for our surf trip to California next week! Wait for our California trip pictures because Levi has a whole surf ensemble he is going to look pretty cute sitting on a surf board! The hats are new as well so we had to try them on and take pictures before we go!

Last night after the auction, Josh was playing ball with the missionaries and this was the result. It looks like he is wearing a pretty shade of purple eye shadow. So his first shiner came from the missionaries!

Youth Dinner/ Dessert Auction

So I am in the Young Women's Presidency in our ward here in Lakewood, and last night we had a fundraiser dinner for our youth to go on youth conference. After the dinner we had a dessert auction. So yesterday afternoon I decided to make a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake. It turned out really well and went for $55.00 at the auction! Our youth did a great job putting on the dinner and the auction. We didn't have as many people there as we would have hoped. Actually only about half of the people we expected even came. However, the people that came, came with money in there pockets! Josh and I took $20 to bid on a dessert and couldn't even win with $20.00 because the lowest price that a dessert went for was $30.00! So we handed our money over to the elder's so they could buy another dessert. I think a lot of people were slipping them cash becuase they ended up with 3 or 4 desserts. With the amount of people that were there and the recession we were only expecting to make around $800.00 and we raked in around $1600.00!!! Our youth did great and we are so glad that the fundraiser was a success. The cake I made was really good but VERY chocolaty and very rich. I could only take a couple of bites of some leftovers I had. It was easy to make and looked pretty!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Half Year Levi!

I can't believe that Levi is 6 months old today! The poor little guy has to go in for his 6 month check up and get shots! So sad, but I'm sure he'll be smiling and laughing the whole time....ok, maybe not, but he will be soon after. That little boy has got to have a sense of humor, because he's always laughing and smiling; I hope that continues as he gets older.

Levi is getting VERY excited to go to Ocean Side, CA in 9 days! We'll be going down for vacation with the Skelton side of the family and hanging out at the beach a lot. Levi told me just the other day that he wants to learn to surf! Well, at least he would have said it if he could talk. He tries, but mostly it's just a lot of "A-dah-dah-dah" and "AAAAHHHHasldkfjalskdfjalsdkfjasd!" (that was him screaming and testing his vocals!). I'm definitely going to have to at least put the boy on my surfboard and push him around a little so we can say he started surfing when he was 6 months old! Haha.

Happy 6 months Levi! We love you!