Friday, October 30, 2009


We have a halloween party this afternoon at PWC and trick-or-treating at Josh's office. Here is a picture of my Harley biker man and my Cosmo. We borrowed the lion costume from terra and I made it into a cosmo costume... I know cosmo doesn't have a mane but I can't ruin a borrowed costume so it will have to work! I think he looks pretty cute. Here are the pictures. I will post more after the party.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you sure it is OCTOBER???

Well the last two days straight it has been snowing! Yes snowing... It is normal to have the first snow before halloween but not a full blown blizzard. The good old saying, "you might be from Colorado if you design your kids halloween costume to fit over a snow suit," is really applying this year! Josh has been working from home because of the snow. We have six inches here where we are but in some parts of the city there is over two feet of snow and still coming down. Here is our lovely view from our apartment! (made a 100% prettier from the snow!) Levi isn't quite sure of the snow yet, but I know he will love it as he gets a little older. Levi and I made halloween sugar cookies today because it is always more fun to bake when it is snowing outside! Hope you are all warm where ever you are!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Birthday Party

The party was a success! However, Levi wasn't feeling well and he didn't enjoy it as much as I would have hoped. I wish he would have been feeling better I just hope he feels better soon. The rest of had a good time and I want to thank everyone for the fun gifts! He has had so much fun today with actual toys to play with, he hasn't tried to get in my cupboards once today! The presents were a hit! Levi wants to thank all of you too!!!!! Here are some pictures from the party! As you can see he didn't enjoy the cake very much! I think he was expecting real ice cream and instead he got cake! Plus everyone was watching him and cheered when he took his first bite that he had a pretty big melt down and didn't want anything else to eat the rest of the night!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Levi's 1st Birthday!

I cannot believe that my little baby is already 1!!! Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for me thinking that this little boy is already a year old and that last year at this time I was just barely seeing him for the first time! He is such an amazing little boy and we love him so much. Here he is on his first birthday in a short video I took of him. All morning I would tell him, "Levi it's your birthday!!! Are you excited?" And he would sit down and start clapping and saying "Yeaaaaaah!!!!" It seemed like he actually knew it was his birthday!! So he is excited about his birthday but he doesn't know why yet! Then I tried to film him doing it and of course he wouldn't do it again for the camera, so you just get to see him! We love you LEVI!!! Hope you have the best 1st birthday ever!
The picture of the cake is the cake I made for his party tonight. It in no where near perfect but I think it turned out cute. I will post pictures of his party tomorrow. Love you all!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Levi is almost One!!!!

I can't believe that in two weeks my baby will be one! I had his one year pictures taken yesterday so I can get his birthday invitations ready. Maria took some super cute pictures and I can't wait to get prints. Here are some of the cutest ones if you would like one or more let me know which one is your favorite and I will get prints for all!