Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you sure it is OCTOBER???

Well the last two days straight it has been snowing! Yes snowing... It is normal to have the first snow before halloween but not a full blown blizzard. The good old saying, "you might be from Colorado if you design your kids halloween costume to fit over a snow suit," is really applying this year! Josh has been working from home because of the snow. We have six inches here where we are but in some parts of the city there is over two feet of snow and still coming down. Here is our lovely view from our apartment! (made a 100% prettier from the snow!) Levi isn't quite sure of the snow yet, but I know he will love it as he gets a little older. Levi and I made halloween sugar cookies today because it is always more fun to bake when it is snowing outside! Hope you are all warm where ever you are!!!


  1. Sweet snow guys! I know it sounds weird, but I can't wait for it to snow. I want to play in it! But for my motorcycles sake, I hope it isn't too bad down here in the valley.

  2. SNOW??? Crazy! That's fun... and not at the same time. :)