Friday, October 30, 2009


We have a halloween party this afternoon at PWC and trick-or-treating at Josh's office. Here is a picture of my Harley biker man and my Cosmo. We borrowed the lion costume from terra and I made it into a cosmo costume... I know cosmo doesn't have a mane but I can't ruin a borrowed costume so it will have to work! I think he looks pretty cute. Here are the pictures. I will post more after the party.


  1. That is SO AWESOME!!!! I love it. And dang Josh, you look mean! Those are awesome costumes! We had our ward party the other day and I was a sweet lookin referee and Jenni was a soccer player with Bekah and Adam. So we had a team, ha ha. We'll post pics soon.

  2. Great pics! I didn't even know you guys had a blog! Yay! I'm glad I found it. THanks for checking out ours. Your little guy sure is a cutie! I'm bias towards little boys though :)