Friday, October 9, 2009

Levi is almost One!!!!

I can't believe that in two weeks my baby will be one! I had his one year pictures taken yesterday so I can get his birthday invitations ready. Maria took some super cute pictures and I can't wait to get prints. Here are some of the cutest ones if you would like one or more let me know which one is your favorite and I will get prints for all!


  1. Hey Alicia,

    Could we get one of the third one down and the second one from the bottom. They can just be 4x6.

    Thanks you, they are very cute.


  2. he's getting so big!!! what a little doll! let's get together sometime if you want. we miss you!

  3. Hey Alicia!! Thanks so much for the pictures! We just got them in the mail. What a cutie!!!! Thanks!