Saturday, January 30, 2010


I cannot believe how fast my baby is growing up! He is 15 months old and is such a fun baby. Since Josh has been gone so much recently he is getting really good at saying, "Hi Dad!" on the phone. When we sing we have to sing "Old MacDonald," his favorite, and he sings,"e-i-e-i-o" by himself and at the right time! One of my other favorite things he does right now is if you ask for a kiss and he is on the other side of the room, he will pucker up and run all the way to you with his lips puckered the whole time and then he will proceed to kiss everyone in the room! This week we have had a hard week with him having a bad cold, ear infection, fever, and missing Daddy. He has also been doing his fair share of teething with 7 front teeth through and on molar in. Daddy is almost done with his Arkansas job and we are excited! We are also excited to be going to Arkansas next Friday to spend the week with him. We plan on visiting Graceland in Memphis... which is my moms request the Elvis fan she is. But other than that we don't really know what to do in Little Rock! So if you know of any good or fun things to do or see we would like to know! Here are some pictures of Levi in his suit. We thought he was too cute not to show off!


  1. oh goodness! He is SO handsome! He is growing up so fast! What a little stud!

  2. He is getting so big. I love this stage in their little lives. I hope he gets feeling better soon!