Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Josh and Levi!!!

Levi and his Daddy are the best of friends! This is why it was so hard for both Levi and I while Josh was gone for 3.5 months. Levi woke up every morning looking for "dad" he was hysterical when he couldn't find him. He would cry and roll around on the floor and wouldn't let me hold him, he just wanted his daddy. So every morning we had to call Josh first thing. Levi would take the phone and say, "Hi Dad!" He would take the phone and run out of the room or just away from me and talk to his dad. He would tell him the usual, "Ball, e-i-e-oh, hi, and dog." I would have to pry the phone away from him so Josh could get to work. But as soon as he was off the phone Levi would be happy for a few hours. Then he would realize dad was gone and we would have call again. We averaged 3-4 phone calls a day! Anyways we are both so happy to have Josh home. I took these two pictures the other night and loved them. Levi and Josh watching home videos taken of Levi. They were laying on Levi's giant puppy and they were just loving being together! I am so grateful to be blessed with these two wonderful guys in my life I love them both so much!


  1. that is adorable! i know what it's like to have daddy's boys on my hands. :)