Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pictures of My Cheeser!

We met Katie and Corey at the zoo for Katie's end of the year field trip. This was our group and we had a good time!

Levi loves to read his books with his huge puppy. He is also VERY aware of the camera at any time. Must mean we have a lot of photographers in the family. Funny story we were at a wedding yesterday for my friend from high school and the photographer was also a friend of mine from high school. Levi found her and followed her around posing all day for pictures. It was funny, as he had never met her but loved getting his picture taken!

Asleep at lunch. So I now know Levi is part Trail! He can fall asleep eating! I had several of these pictures taken as a little kid and couldn't wait until my kids would fall asleep eating and it finally happened! Sleeping anywhere and everywhere except for in bed at bedtime is a Trail trait and so far Levi is proving to be more Trail than Skelton in the sleeping department (unfortunately!) Our house is soooo hot that if you are at our house during the day this is normally how Levi is dressed.


  1. So cute! We miss you guys! That is one huge puppy!

  2. what a cutie! congrats on the newest one! that is funny that you are due on isaac's birthday. i'm glad my half-birthday idea helps you out! are you guys still in denver? we are loving missoula! say hi to josh and take care!