Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Geocaching

We lost our handheld GPS we used to use for geocaching when we moved out to Denver, so we recently got a new one using Josh's health rewards points he gets from work.  So we decided we should do some geocaching up in the mountains when we went up to Granby over the weekend.  Here are some of the pictures:
And away we go! No worries, I got this, you guys just relax and enjoy the ride!
Levi running ahead of everyone with Grandma Trail

It's not over here!
"Where do you think it could be?" asks Maria.

There it is!  We got some goodies (nike golf ball) and were on our way to the next one.
Enjoying dinner at the snack bar and eating it at the beach on Grand Lake.

Another beautiful evening at the lake!
I didn't get any pictures of the next cache we found, but it was in the Hot Sulpher Springs cemetary....spooky!  We've found geocaching a fun excuse for getting out and about while doing something fun.  Go to http://www.geocaching.com/ to find out more and get started!


  1. Awesome!

    Was great seeing you three in Westminster.

    Glad you are blogging Alicia!

  2. The only time we've ever done geocaching is with you guys I think. :) It's way fun! We need to do it again!