Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proud to be his Papa

A recent string of wonderfully funny, fun, and goofy moments from Levi has prompted me to write this post.  I just can't get enough of my little goof ball.  See the pictures below for some good laughs!

So after church on Sunday, Levi was running around and bouncing off the walls (as usual) and then all of a sudden I didn't hear him creating havoc, so I looked around to see what he was doing.  I wasn't too surprised to see him sitting down and looking through a book, but my joy and pride in that little boy soared when I realized it was the BYU Football Media Guide, and he was reading, digesting, and loving the stories of BYU Football contained within!Ok, so maybe that last part was a bit of an exaggeration.  As if this photo above didn't say it all, below are some more pictures of this great little boy having fun and goofing off!

You ain't cool unless you're wearing shades!

Gotta wear...shades!

Looking cool at his mommy's baby doctor appointment

Being cool at Grandma and Grandpa Trail's house

Look at me! I'm a goof ball! Haha.
Hiding in the buckets at Home Depot

I'm gonna be a rock star! Playing Guitar Hero and Tio and Tia Candia's
Look at me mommy! I'm a straw-toothed tiger!

Having fun in Grand Lake after eating at the snack bar.

Working on my golf skills! Just go into your home, ball!
Riding the horsey at the mall....way better than shopping!

And they say boys can't multitask! Ha! Eating and watching TV at the same time!
Watching TV with his friends...the ball, football, kitty, teddy, and blankie

Should I jump around and mess up the bed?
Nah, I'll just look at pictures of me instead!

Levi not only likes to put on his Buzz Lightyear pj's, but also his doctor's stethescope!

After a long hard day of being cute...man it's a tough job!

And in case you thought Levi was all fun and never serious, here he is on the computer checking his stock portfolio, reading Papa Skelton's emails on gas prices and the economy, and catching up on some news (mostly cougarfan.com since BYU football is going to start soon!)

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