Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Fun!

Well, this summer our camera has died and we desperately need a new one! But, since we didn't get one yet I finally was able to steal some of the pictures off of my mom's camera. Here are some of our summer activities!

Back to school shopping! When you live in the mountains you get one day a year to do back to school shopping and it has become some what of a tradition. Maria and her kids come to Denver with my mom, and I take them to the sales and whatever else they can squeeze in a one day trip. These days are very full of trying on clothes, shoes, getting school supplies, chasing kids, and a lot of tears normally! But we always have a good and very crazy time!

Here we are at wal-mart at our last and final stop, Levi too tired to go on is sleeping with Maddie in the cart and we are ready to get all of the school supplies!

Fun at the Lake! This is a bridge that doesn't always have enough water under it to jump, but since the lake is full this year we were able to make a jumping off the bridge trip. This is a first for Josh with our family because the lake hasn't been full enough since he joined the family!

Levi, Corey, and Jake, at the lake picking berries.

Josh diving off the bridge it is about 15-20 feet off the water.

Pa and Levi watching everyone jump!

This lake trip was our first for the summer. The water was still cold as you can see from Levi's expression. But we had fun playing in the water!

Levi saying. "All done, all done, all done" as soon as he touched the water. But we made him play a litte and he ended up having fun!

Levi taking care of the flag with Grandma.
Josh and Levi riding up front!

Jen and Dustin welcomed Brody Dustin, to there family this summer on July 20th. We are so excited he is here.

Levi is already jealous of Brody, what will he do when his little brother gets here?!?!?

Dustin showing off Brody for the first time! He is a proud daddy!

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