Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy #2!!!

Party #2 Jen, Dustin, and Brody, came for a little bit and Derek and Rachel also came! A picture of poor Rach with both feet in casts!!! Thanks for coming even though you can't walk! We love you!

The next pictures are at the party with his friends from church. Holly is who Levi is hugging and he loves Holly! They followed eachother around all night and played together the whole time.

Tonka Remote Control car, Levi loves it. We knew what to get after letting him play at Shell and Trent's house with all of there boy toys and this was his favorite!

Levi opening presents. This was a truck from his friend Jocelyn.

Levi's friends from church! We have been blessed with a great ward and fun friends!!!

Everytime Levi sees a candle now he says, "Happy Birthday to you!" He loved having a birthday this year and it was fun watching him enjoy it!

Thanks to Melanie in our ward we had some really cute decorations. She put together a polk-a-dot party for us and it turned out really cute!

Before the guests arrived.

Levi helping blow up the balloons for his party.

Oh yes, and BYU won on Saturday so we could actually enjoy the party! (Thanks BYU)

I can't believe Levi is two already. We have had a great two years with him and can't wait for so many more! He is so sweet, smart, funny, and so much more. We had a great birthday for two weeks! Starting with our halloween party in Califonia with our family there. (pictures posted of this party later) Then on Tuesday we had a small party in Granby with my family up there. Then on Saturday we had a party with a few of Levi's friends from church, and then Sunday we had a very small but fun party with Dustin and Jen, and Rachel and Derek. Thank you to everyone for coming and for the gifts, Levi had a blast at every party. We finally bought a camera on Saturday Morning so I will post my first few pictures from the parties from this past weekend. Every day this week Levi thought it was his birthday and would say, "Happy Birthday to you!" and dance around. We love you Levi!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Levi! We love you! Wish we could have been there! Your present will be there in a few days hopefully! :)