Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old Man Levi

So, the other day we were shopping at Wal-mart with my mom. I had left Levi with my mom while I ran to look at something else and when I came back my mom was laughing so hard she was almost crying. Have you ever seen those big plastic candy canes that they fill with kisses or m&ms? Well Levi had gotten ahold of one of those and knew just what to do with it. He grabbed onto the curvy part and held it like a cane and then put his other hand on his lower back and was walking like an old person. He was shaking and bent over and it was so funny! I wish I could have gotten it on video as we can't really get him to do it again on cue. He was walking down the isle when another lady walked past my mom who was laughing said, "Wow looks like you have a real character on your hands." And that we do. I am glad Levi has a fun sense of humor and makes us laugh all the time! We don't know where he picked this up but are impressed with how he conncected two and two!!!

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