Friday, April 1, 2011

Trying to Make it to 30

No, this is not me, but it could be!!
I went to see the doctor recently, and after our visit he told me "You need to quit trying to be healthy!"

Does that sound right coming from someone who's profession is to help people become healthy?

Maybe my story will help you understand.

It all started...well...when I was born.  Whether it's due to Pneumonia, broken heads, wrists, fingers, legs, feet, or just nasty gashes, from the moment I was born I've made a habit of seeing doctors more often than a normal person should.

Recently, after not having exercised in quite some time due to work travel and then having a new addition to the family, I decided it was time to get back in shape.  What I forgot to remember, was that I'm not the incredible, invincible Josh that I used to be 10 years ago (I'm almost 30!) and probably pushed it too hard. 

I started doing the P90X workout program and on about day 2 strained my back, causing me to bend over funny and struggle putting my pants on.  Well, that seemed to be getting better, so I started playing basketball at the church once a week, and playing on my company's softball team (both on Tuesday nights).  Well, the first week of playing ball I strained my back again and jammed my thumb really bad.  The next week - I hadn't learned my lesson - I was feeling a bit better and played softball and then basketball one right after the other, and jammed another finger!  Well, after two weeks I was concerned that my thumb was still really hurting and went to the doctor to find out it was fractured, and that I had sprained two tendons in my thumb as well.  The doc said there was nothing I could really do about it except for put it in this really annoying brace, which I wore all of about 2 hours before deciding it was more annoying than helpful.

Well, this week my back was feeling better and I was regaining most of the motion in my fractured thumb and jammed ring finger, so I decided to get back to P90X workouts (hello, we're going to Hawaii in 6 weeks...gotta look good on a surfboard!) and felt good about it, although my back injury somewhat limited the exercises I could do.

Being the competitive (and stupid) person that I am, I didn't want to miss a softball game, so I went and played on Tuesday, and hit a home run, but further aggravated my back in the process.  I came home really sore and hurting, but nothing a few ibuprofen couldn't fix!  Wrong!

I woke up that night around midnight with the worst and most enduring pain I have ever felt (remember, I've broken multiple bones including my skull and have received some nasty cuts) and ended up on the couch so as not to wake up the rest of my family with all my moaning and whimpering as they were all having a bad night of sleep already.  I had asked Alicia to try and find one of her old prescriptions for pain meds and she ended up passing out and falling against our kitchen table, landing on the floor resulting in multiple bruises and cuts! Ouch.  So then I hobbled out to the kitchen to see what had happened only to find her laying unconscious on the floor with her head at an odd angle up against the wall.  We were a mess!

I ended up tossing around and trying to find a comfortable position, but couldn't...all were very painful, and watched Suze Orman's finance show to try and take my mind off the pain...and fall asleep.  I finally fell asleep around 5 AM, waking up at 7 AM hoping a doctor's office would open soon where I could gets some good pain meds.  My back was killing me, and numbness and pain had spread down my thigh, into my knee, and down my lower leg to my ankle!

When I finally got to the doctor, he looked over my chart and saw that I had listed under recent surgeries/injuries about my ear and fractured thumb, so he asked for the stories.  That, coupled with the story about my back problems is what led him to say "You need to quit trying to be healthy!"

Alicia is now recovering from the knots all over her head and the bruises all over her body, while I'm on heavy pain meds trying to give my back time to heal itself.  Did I mention my softball team has a double header next Tuesday!?  I should be better by then...hopefully...haha.

Maybe I should increase my life insurance policy!

Here's to making it to 30 (just 58 more days)!


P.S.  I wish it were, but this is NOT an April Fool's Day joke!

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