Sunday, July 31, 2011

Work Party

Well to finish off our Saturday we went into Evergreen to Josh's Manager's house and had a BBQ with his direct co-workers. It was fun to actually get to know and meet everyone he works with and there families.
Josh's manager has two boys and Levi is right in between there ages. So she hired a balloon artist and a glitter tattoo lady to come to the party. She was so fun! She told us she used to work at Disney and was "really close to the characters" if you know what I mean. She said she is probably closest to Mary Poppins but sometime Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.
Levi had her make a frog and a Winnie-the-Pooh. He LOVED them!
Lindsey was holding Luke when she got a tattoo and we gave him a superman tattoo, it was really cute on his leg. Josh actually knew Lindsey from Santa Barbara where he went to school with her for one year. She is now an administrative assistant at his company. Speaking of small world, we also met a girl at the temple that Josh was in Seminary with in Santa Barbara. We were able to go to her house a couple of weeks ago for dessert!
Luke loved just sitting and playing... but really he loves to do that where ever his is!!! Luke is pretty happy anywhere we go.
Levi getting his tattoo!
And he picked a fierce dragon!!!

The adults all played Corn hole.

Other than Levi and Luke there were three little boys there. Levi loved playing with them.

This is Angela closest to you in the picture. She is Josh's Manager. And this was at her house. Absolutely beautiful! We decided we could live in Evergreen... in the mountains but semi-close to the city.
She had a bouncy house set up as well and Levi loved that so much! If we had a yard we would probably have to have one. They are super fun! Then we drove home... with me puking as I was altitude sick. Got home and Josh put the boys to bed and I put myself to bed. Josh then went to a movie with Dustin and Jeff, they saw Captain America. Then Church today... all-in-all a great weekend! Josh leaves us again tomorrow for Atlanta, but we are excited to spend the week first at my Grandparents house and then at my parents!

Mt. Evans

Well, we got done at the camp-out a lot earlier than planned so we decided to take a drive as the boys both crashed and needed a nap!! We decided to drive to Mt. Evans. Colorado, is home to a lot of mountains over 14,000 feet elevation. But Mt. Evans is the only one that you can drive to the top of! Now that is my kind of hike! My family has hiked to several of the 14,000 feet summits, minus me! Now I can say I summit-ed a mountain that was 14,264 feet above sea level! You do have to hike a little. You can only dirve to 14,100 feet but then you have to hike the rest of the way. This is a picture of a sign that shows the elevation of Mt. Evans and an even more popular and more technical climb Longs Peak which is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. But Mt. Evans is slightly higher than that peak which I thought was cool!
Levi was a really tough hiker! I think he took like 10 steps the whole way! But he was excited to jump off some rocks!
Levi and I at the top. Levi named that lake below "Puppy Lake" He thought that it looked like a puppy!
This is how the boys made most of the hike. With my recent back issues I couldn't help carry them so Josh was the pack mule! Thanks honey! This picture is kind of deceiving as it is probably a 500 foot drop about 4 feet away from the guys.
Family Picture!
"That John Denver is full of Crap man." "Yah, I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little more Rocky!"

It was a really fun day. With an unexpected adventure to the top of a 14,000 foot high mountain! I got altitude sickness for the first time however, and not fun! Sorry to everyone that has visited us and gotten altitude sickness I can now sympathize with you! Not fun!

Ward Camp-out

We went on our Ward camp-out this past weekend to Ellsworth Park. It is an actual camp-ground about 30 minutes outside of Denver in the mountains that the Church owns for members to use! It was beautiful and very nice with bathrooms, running water, pavilions, volleyball courts, kick ball field, swings and park for the kids, and a cool amphitheater with a fireplace for our fireside that night. We had about 100 people there for the dinner and then about 60 stayed overnight.
We had a great time getting to know new people in our ward and just being with friends for the activity.
This is Luke in his pack-in-play. I took it so I wouldn't have to hold him the entire time we were there. It was so nice to put him down and let him play.
We were excited to get there and were some of the first people there. Levi is checking out the camp. We actually slept behind that white Yurt in the background. A member of our Bishopric built that and sets it up every year and has practically a house to camp in!
Thanks to Levi we have one picture of the campsite. Well mostly the road but you can see the fireplace that we all sat around Friday night for songs, chubby bunny, stories, and s'mores.
Another picture courtesy of Levi. He is a true Skelton every time he can get a hold of a camera he is snapping away!
Luke was pretty popular with the coolest place to hang out! He had quite a few friends visit him in is pack-in-play throughout the night I think 4 was the most at one time.
My boys love camping and Luke sleeps just as well in a tent as anywhere else.

Levi wanted to do the steep slide until he climbed to the top! He did it anyway.

Another shot of the campsite.

Levi was lucky and didn't have to go to bed until about 11:30 and loved every minute of it! We just wonder why he inherited the Skelton go to bed late gene and the Trail wake up early gene. He was up at 6:20!!! Can someone please tell him that is NOT enough sleep! The next morning we got up and had amazing breakfast burritos and played some kick-ball. There were crafts for the kids, treasure hunts, and games. Then we packed up and were gone by 10:30 am. We had a great time and were so glad we went! I wish I would have taken more pictures but for some reason I never have my camera when I wish I had it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunset/ Rainbow

Last weekend we went up to Granby to see some old friends from high school who I haven't seen in years for a BBQ. It was a really fun day and on our drive home we saw the most beautiful sunset and Rainbow. Here are a few of the pictures that I took while driving so they are not the best. The rainbow was the most amazing neon rainbow I have ever seen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book of the Month (March - May)

In keeping my New Year's Resolution to read at least one book per month, I wanted to catch up with my reviews as I haven't posted for this since February.

MARCH - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

So I'll admit that I've read this book before, but seeing as the second part of the movie was set to come out this summer, I wanted to re-read it to remember what had happened.  Also, it was convenient as I had it on my iPod and could listen to it in the car on my way to work.

RECOMMENDATION: Must read for anyone who doesn't mind learning about witches and wizards, magic, and all sorts of unusual people and creatures.

ABOUT THE BOOK: While some say the Harry Potter series is somewhat childish, I find them very entertaining.  J.K. Rowling pulls you into a world of fantasy and magic with the Harry Potter books.  I mean, who doesn't want to be able to perform magic?  I also found that Harry Potter is a good story about the triumph of good over evil, but doesn't leave out the fact that good doesn't ALWAYS win.  There are some tragedies and struggles that Harry and his friends must go through, and learn to deal with if they are to reach their ultimate goal of destroying Lord Voldemort.

APRIL - The ant and the ELEPHANT - Leadership for the self by Vince Poscente

I chose to read this book because I'm always looking to improve my workplace performance, and I found this book on the bookshelf outside my Partner's office while waiting to go into a coaching meeting.

RECOMMENDATION: Good, easy read that really makes you think about the way you approach leadership, your goals, and things you want in life.

ABOUT THE BOOK:  The book was easy to read as it is written in a parable (story) format, while teaching lessons as the parable progresses.  Adir (your conscious mind) the ant gets lost from his colony in a storm one night and is surprised to find out that he has been living on the back of Elgo the elephant (subconscious mind) for several weeks.  Through the help of his mentor - an owl - Adir learns how to control and lead Elgo (who is much larger and more powerful) in order to reach the oasis, their vision of paradise in the African Savannah.
This story illustrates that understanding the relationship between conscious and subconscious thought is the first step toward becoming a leader who can transform workplace performance.  You learn to overcome the frustration and obstacles that will surely come so that you can accomplish your goal.

MAY - If You Want It Done Right, You Don't Have to Do It Yourself by Donna Genett, Ph.D.

I chose this book as it was recommended to me by my career coach at my firm to improve my delegation skills now that I'm supervising our engagement teams when we're at the client.  Anyone who goes from working independently or only being responsible for their own work to a position of management/supervision knows that it's a difficult transition as you learn to be responsible for the work of others and not trying to do everything yourself.

RECOMMENDATION: Great book!  Again, not a very long book, but the principles learned are invaluable!

ABOUT THE BOOK: The book is written in story format, telling the story of two cousins who are more like twins - doing everything together and being good at the same things - until they are promoted to management positions within the same company.  One of the cousins struggles with delegation and running his group effectively, and goes to the other for advice, as the other cousin is thriving in his new position.  The one cousin teaches the other six steps to effective delegation that we should all use, not just in our work life, but in every aspect of our life.  The steps outlined have already improved my delegation of tasks this week, and will surely make a positive impact going forward.

So there you have it, the last three months worth of reading!  I haven't finished June's book yet, but I will shortly and it's a good one!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So my friends in our ward have inspired me to try and be a quilter. So far I have made one hard quilt and it was hard!!! Let me just say it is a lot harder to sew a straight line then one might think. I also chose this pattern thinking it would be easy and boy was I wrong! But it turned out pretty cute I think. My sister-in-law Jen decided to make a quilt and I thought... ok I will try too. So here are a few pictures of my first quilt. And although it is only my first it won't be my last it was actually a really fun challenge! The actual quilting was done by my friend Lisa and she is an amazing quilter! I made this quilt for my mom for mother's day and she was really surprised I gave it to her. I think she loved it!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July - Camping, Picnics, and Fireworks

Although our 4th of July weekend didn't work out quite like we had planned, we still had a blast.  We were bummed to find out that both the Hamiltons and the Candias had to back out due to illness, but hopefully everyone still had a good time.

We headed up to Granby Friday night and all of Alicia's family was camping, so we joined them for a good camp fire up in the mountains.  Alicia and I camped the rest of the weekend in the Trails backyard...30 feet from clean flushable toilets, a shower, and good food!
On Saturday we went up to the Granby airport for the freedom flight fly-in where a ton of smaller planes from all over the state come in and show off their planes, doing cool fly-byes and stunts.
We're ready to fly! Now we just need some flight attendants!

Got the flight attendants, now we just need some passengers!

Wow, I can't believe these people will let us fly them in this thing!

Later on Saturday we went for a hike around Monarch Lake.  The kids were pushing us to go faster on the way there and then wanted us to carry them on the way back! Ha ha.
Can we have some food while we kick back and relax?

Dustin and Alicia with Monarch Lake in the backround

Luke and Grandpa Trail, looking cool

Tessa contemplating going in the water

This looks like a motley crew!
Must be nice to get carried everywhere!!!

After the hike we found some garage sales and the Trails ended up buying some bumper boats!  Of course we had to try them out, and when we asked the lake inspector if we could put them in the lake, he said "Good Luck!"
Jeremy and Makay hoping they don't sink!

Off to try the boat after getting the "Good luck" from the boat inspector.
After the lake, we went to Miyauchi's Snack Bar for some chili cheese fries and ice cream!  Since Alicia worked there for 6 years and still knows the owner, she always gets some hookups with free food.

Are you totally jealous already???  We've only gotten through Saturday!  On Sunday we enjoyed great church services and some of us even got to talk to David Nixon, a former BYU football player who is now with the Oakland Raiders.  Sunday evening we enjoyed a picnic in the mountains.

On Monday we enjoyed what used to be a good parade, but this year was not much more that cars with some ribbons, and like 5 pieces of!  The highlight was that they had every fire truck in the county (like eight) and they would spray their fire hoses into the crowd to cool us off.
Later we went to Lake Granby and played on the beach and in the water before heading up to Grand Lake for a hike to Adam's Falls, dinner at the snack bar, and fireworks!!!
Josh and our friend Bryan with Levi and Piper before the hike
Here are some pictures of our camping.  The morning I took these Alicia had taken Levi into the house cause he got cold and wouldn't go back to sleep.
Luke didn't appreciate the bright flash!
Daddy was super excited that I woke him up early cause I was hungry!
We hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!

Josh, Alicia, Levi and Luke