Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July - Camping, Picnics, and Fireworks

Although our 4th of July weekend didn't work out quite like we had planned, we still had a blast.  We were bummed to find out that both the Hamiltons and the Candias had to back out due to illness, but hopefully everyone still had a good time.

We headed up to Granby Friday night and all of Alicia's family was camping, so we joined them for a good camp fire up in the mountains.  Alicia and I camped the rest of the weekend in the Trails backyard...30 feet from clean flushable toilets, a shower, and good food!
On Saturday we went up to the Granby airport for the freedom flight fly-in where a ton of smaller planes from all over the state come in and show off their planes, doing cool fly-byes and stunts.
We're ready to fly! Now we just need some flight attendants!

Got the flight attendants, now we just need some passengers!

Wow, I can't believe these people will let us fly them in this thing!

Later on Saturday we went for a hike around Monarch Lake.  The kids were pushing us to go faster on the way there and then wanted us to carry them on the way back! Ha ha.
Can we have some food while we kick back and relax?

Dustin and Alicia with Monarch Lake in the backround

Luke and Grandpa Trail, looking cool

Tessa contemplating going in the water

This looks like a motley crew!
Must be nice to get carried everywhere!!!

After the hike we found some garage sales and the Trails ended up buying some bumper boats!  Of course we had to try them out, and when we asked the lake inspector if we could put them in the lake, he said "Good Luck!"
Jeremy and Makay hoping they don't sink!

Off to try the boat after getting the "Good luck" from the boat inspector.
After the lake, we went to Miyauchi's Snack Bar for some chili cheese fries and ice cream!  Since Alicia worked there for 6 years and still knows the owner, she always gets some hookups with free food.

Are you totally jealous already???  We've only gotten through Saturday!  On Sunday we enjoyed great church services and some of us even got to talk to David Nixon, a former BYU football player who is now with the Oakland Raiders.  Sunday evening we enjoyed a picnic in the mountains.

On Monday we enjoyed what used to be a good parade, but this year was not much more that cars with some ribbons, and like 5 pieces of!  The highlight was that they had every fire truck in the county (like eight) and they would spray their fire hoses into the crowd to cool us off.
Later we went to Lake Granby and played on the beach and in the water before heading up to Grand Lake for a hike to Adam's Falls, dinner at the snack bar, and fireworks!!!
Josh and our friend Bryan with Levi and Piper before the hike
Here are some pictures of our camping.  The morning I took these Alicia had taken Levi into the house cause he got cold and wouldn't go back to sleep.
Luke didn't appreciate the bright flash!
Daddy was super excited that I woke him up early cause I was hungry!
We hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!

Josh, Alicia, Levi and Luke


  1. How fun! We wish we could have been there!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I love airplanes and helicopters! Miss you guys!