Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mt. Evans

Well, we got done at the camp-out a lot earlier than planned so we decided to take a drive as the boys both crashed and needed a nap!! We decided to drive to Mt. Evans. Colorado, is home to a lot of mountains over 14,000 feet elevation. But Mt. Evans is the only one that you can drive to the top of! Now that is my kind of hike! My family has hiked to several of the 14,000 feet summits, minus me! Now I can say I summit-ed a mountain that was 14,264 feet above sea level! You do have to hike a little. You can only dirve to 14,100 feet but then you have to hike the rest of the way. This is a picture of a sign that shows the elevation of Mt. Evans and an even more popular and more technical climb Longs Peak which is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. But Mt. Evans is slightly higher than that peak which I thought was cool!
Levi was a really tough hiker! I think he took like 10 steps the whole way! But he was excited to jump off some rocks!
Levi and I at the top. Levi named that lake below "Puppy Lake" He thought that it looked like a puppy!
This is how the boys made most of the hike. With my recent back issues I couldn't help carry them so Josh was the pack mule! Thanks honey! This picture is kind of deceiving as it is probably a 500 foot drop about 4 feet away from the guys.
Family Picture!
"That John Denver is full of Crap man." "Yah, I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little more Rocky!"

It was a really fun day. With an unexpected adventure to the top of a 14,000 foot high mountain! I got altitude sickness for the first time however, and not fun! Sorry to everyone that has visited us and gotten altitude sickness I can now sympathize with you! Not fun!

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