Sunday, July 31, 2011

Work Party

Well to finish off our Saturday we went into Evergreen to Josh's Manager's house and had a BBQ with his direct co-workers. It was fun to actually get to know and meet everyone he works with and there families.
Josh's manager has two boys and Levi is right in between there ages. So she hired a balloon artist and a glitter tattoo lady to come to the party. She was so fun! She told us she used to work at Disney and was "really close to the characters" if you know what I mean. She said she is probably closest to Mary Poppins but sometime Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.
Levi had her make a frog and a Winnie-the-Pooh. He LOVED them!
Lindsey was holding Luke when she got a tattoo and we gave him a superman tattoo, it was really cute on his leg. Josh actually knew Lindsey from Santa Barbara where he went to school with her for one year. She is now an administrative assistant at his company. Speaking of small world, we also met a girl at the temple that Josh was in Seminary with in Santa Barbara. We were able to go to her house a couple of weeks ago for dessert!
Luke loved just sitting and playing... but really he loves to do that where ever his is!!! Luke is pretty happy anywhere we go.
Levi getting his tattoo!
And he picked a fierce dragon!!!

The adults all played Corn hole.

Other than Levi and Luke there were three little boys there. Levi loved playing with them.

This is Angela closest to you in the picture. She is Josh's Manager. And this was at her house. Absolutely beautiful! We decided we could live in Evergreen... in the mountains but semi-close to the city.
She had a bouncy house set up as well and Levi loved that so much! If we had a yard we would probably have to have one. They are super fun! Then we drove home... with me puking as I was altitude sick. Got home and Josh put the boys to bed and I put myself to bed. Josh then went to a movie with Dustin and Jeff, they saw Captain America. Then Church today... all-in-all a great weekend! Josh leaves us again tomorrow for Atlanta, but we are excited to spend the week first at my Grandparents house and then at my parents!

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  1. These tattoos remind me of my nephew’s birthday, which was in one of the venues in Los Angeles two years ago. I made these little tattoos on every kids’ arm. It was a wonderful day and I had a very good time. I can see that kids are enjoying here a lot and I am sure it would have been a fantastic party too.