Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did you hear the Buzz???

Levi Turned 3 Yesterday! And what a busy day we had! We had tons of fun and Levi was worn out!!!
Luke trying on Levi's birthday present!
Sorry the pictures are kind of out of order and crazy! But here is Levi opening gifts at his Buzz Lightyear Birthday party.

Levi holding best friends, Buzz and Woody!
Levi got in the mail a Woody sent all the way from California from the Hamilton's. He was so excited to get this gift! He said, "Oh, Woody and Buzz are best friends!" He ran over and got Buzz so they could say hello to each other. It was really cute, he hasn't let Woody out of his sight since, (except for church we wouldn't let him take it to church!) Thank you Hamiltons!
Levi was also really excited to open his gift from Kurt, Polina, and Anastasia. He has already learned to trace lines and will be seriously potty training very soon! Thank you!!!
Jake, Levi, and Maria at Levi's party trying to do a Buzz Lightyear puzzle.
Our little green alien cupcakes. I didn't get a close up at the party so this is a day late and they were much cuter at the party! But you get the point!
Levi opening his gun and transformer from Dani and Jose. He sure loves his new toys!
More gifts!
Buzz's rocketship birthday cake.

A toss the beanbag game but with snake beanbags into Woody's boot!
Favor bags
The food was the most creative part. I don't know if anyone even paid attention but I had fun putting it all together. We had things like, "Jessie's rope" (licorice rope) "Bullseye's favorite treat" (apples and dip) "Mr. Potato Chips?" (potato chips) "Woody's boots and spurs" (stars and boots rice crispy treats) "Hamm's little piggies" (bacon wrapped cocktail dogs) "Sliky dogs watering bowl" (water) and a few more.

Birthday party invites! I found them on Etsy and I thought they were so cute! We had a fun day and I am exhausted! Thank you everyone for coming to the party, the phone calls, and gifts! Levi was so excited and it was his best birthday yet!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Levi the Photographer

Over the last two or three months, Levi is constantly asking for my phone so he can take pictures of anything and EVERYTHING!  I thought some of the pictures are actually good while most are completely random and show his love of self...haha.  Here is a selection:
A picture of his Toy Story 3 Camera!

Wow, there are only two toys on the ground?  Let's take a picture!

How would daddy look upside down?

Man daddy, move your big butt so I can see the football game!

Oh crud, now Luke can pull himself up and get my toys!

I call this look "Sleeping with my tongue out" by Levi Skelton

I wonder if Mommy knows I'm taking a picture of her watching TV?

Niagara Falls...j/k, this is our bathroom sink...doesn't it look cool!?

I'm not even sure when he took this one, but whatever it was turned out to look like a sunset!

Surprise Luke!  What's that? The flash is too bright?  Nah, just smile next time!

Mommy and Luke out on the lawn on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Hey look!  Bugs!  I'm gonna squash 'em!

Daddy's pocket...I wonder what's in there.

Luke finally got mommy's phone without her knowing!

"Hey, come back here with that phone you little stinker!" Mommy says.  "Uh oh, I'd better run!"  I said.

As part of my duties as a terrible two, I must practice sticking out my tongue to get the best reaction out of people!

I want to get my beautiful face AND the beautiful sunset in the background.

I love capturing daddy's crazy moments!

Random shot of a Gatorade bottle, and mommy's projects.