Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yes!!! I finally got to see Wicked! I can mark that off my bucket list but will be going back to
see it again! It was so fun and it was amazing! We went for our 7th Anniversary thanks Josh!!! We had the best day thanks to Susi, Tally, and Chloe for watching the boys!!! Shell, Trent, Josh, and I, took Dani and Jose to Titos for lunch and then to the airport. We then went to the Getty Museum over looking LA. And there was an amazing sunset! It was a cool museum that you ride a train too. It was really fun
just hanging out with Shell and Trent and no kids for a few hours!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Grammie

We were so excited to get to go and see Grammie and Uncle Bob the day after Christmas. We had so much fun visiting and giving them Christmas Gifts. It was Luke's first time meeting his Great Grammie and Great Uncle! Grammie was so sweet and let all of us girls go through her jewelry box and get a piece of jewelry. It was really fun and a wonderful keepsake. As well as a wonderful memory I will always treasure. All of you girls that weren't there next time you go she said you could have one too... but you will probably have to remind her as she probably won't remember she gave us any either!Grammie going through her jewelry with us.

The boys will always be boys, no matter whose house we are at. Levi and Darien wrestling away.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Day Continued....

These pictures are in reverse order... but we spent the rest of the day at Grr and Papa's house for Christmas. It was so fun we were only missing two families out of all 8! We missed you Jared and Jenni, and Adam and Bekah!
Levi LOVED playing with his cousins... and asks about them daily! We were so happy that they all got along so well and got to spend so much time together!
"Grr" a.ka. Mom opening her quilt that I made for her.
Papa opening his. I think he forgave me for cutting up 14 of his t-shirts.
Luke trying on Levi's batman mask!
Tally also loved her new BYU blanket!
All the boys in there new Batman/ Superman capes. Tally made Darien's, I had fun teaching her how. Good job Tally!
All the cousins in the family! (we are still missing one, Cali, but she will be here in a couple of months still!) All the cousins plus Danielle, Ryan, and Josh.
That is a bunch of cute kids!!!
Me with the girls!
Here we are with Tristan and Luke... Tristan is 6 months younger than Luke but you wouldn't know it by how big he is!

Christmas Day!

Our family picture after church. I know Levi has some crazy hair. I was finally able to convince Josh and Levi that we should cut it by the end of the trip... just to bad it looked so crazy the entire time we were there!

Christmas at the Hamilton's house. It was so fun to be there with The Hamilton's, Candia's, and Mom and Dad Skelton! The kids even caught Santa the night before. They watched him put gifts under the tree! Levi was so excited to catch Santa! Talk about a fun tradition! It will be a new tradition at our house as well!!!
Levi and Darien were the first one's up! Levi looks a little tired still.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Christmas Once Again in California

Our family spent Christmas in California with the Skeltons/Hamiltons/Candias and had a blast! Here are some of the fun things we did.

Luke is excited to arrive at LAX!

Geocaching with the gang

We found one!

Gotta love this California Winter weather!

Luke's first trip to the beach. We went to Leo Carillo...which I think that was Levi's first beach trip too. Luke instantly fell in love with everything beach including the sand his new favorite treat.

Josh teaching Levi how to make sand balls. Levi loved this!
Thanye was brave and held this huge starfish we found.
Levi on the other hand was not brave enough to even stand next to it!
All around a successful day at the beach. We found a shark tooth, a few starfish, Luke ate a lot of sand, and he crawled away from tumbling off of my shoulders onto the sidewalk with a minor scrape and a couple bruises. Levi loved being with his cousins playing in the sand and searching for shells.