Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Day Continued....

These pictures are in reverse order... but we spent the rest of the day at Grr and Papa's house for Christmas. It was so fun we were only missing two families out of all 8! We missed you Jared and Jenni, and Adam and Bekah!
Levi LOVED playing with his cousins... and asks about them daily! We were so happy that they all got along so well and got to spend so much time together!
"Grr" a.ka. Mom opening her quilt that I made for her.
Papa opening his. I think he forgave me for cutting up 14 of his t-shirts.
Luke trying on Levi's batman mask!
Tally also loved her new BYU blanket!
All the boys in there new Batman/ Superman capes. Tally made Darien's, I had fun teaching her how. Good job Tally!
All the cousins in the family! (we are still missing one, Cali, but she will be here in a couple of months still!) All the cousins plus Danielle, Ryan, and Josh.
That is a bunch of cute kids!!!
Me with the girls!
Here we are with Tristan and Luke... Tristan is 6 months younger than Luke but you wouldn't know it by how big he is!


  1. These pictures are awesome guys! Thanks for taking all of those. Really cool to see. I love seeing all of the cousins together and Cali can't wait to join. Jenni said she has been trying to jump out and join everyone it feels like. Hey Josh, when did you shave the head?

  2. Haha... the day before Christmas Josh was cutting his hair and when he was done he noticed he had missed a spot, so instead of putting the extender back on the clippers he tried to touch up and woops!!!! So he had to shave it all off. But I actually really like it! So we think it will stay short! I have lots more pictures just need some more time maybe next week!