Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Brave Little Levi

With the blessing of Dustin and Jen's new baby (Lucy) came a wild and crazy weekend. We saw our little Levi show us he's not so little anymore! Here are some of the crazy things we did - some were just too crazy to put on a blog post! :)

Thursday night Luke wanted to show of for the camera by walking!

On Friday morning we went down to Corey and Maria's to ride their go-cart that Santa brought them for Christmas.
Since the kids were already outside and didn't get enough adrenaline rush from the go-cart they asked Uncle Jeremy to pull them on the sled with the snowmobile! Levi wanted to drive, but some of the kids on the sled objected, so he sat up front with Uncle Jeremy.

Sledding still wasn't enough so we all decided to go skiing with the kids. Levi had never been so Alicia and I were worried that he'd be scared and would get cold too fast. Little did we know, but he loved it! In fact, after about 3 runs on the kiddie hill with the "Magic Carpet" he wanted to graduate to the chair lift and the bunnie hill!

Daddy was pretty proud that Levi loved skiing and did great on the bunny hill!
Luke, on the other hand, wasn't so happy that he didn't get to ski already. He didn't understand why he had to be able to walk well before he could ski!

Pfew! What a day right? Go-carts, sledding, AND skiing!? But no, that wasn't enough! All the kids wanted to go to the YMCA and play basketball, ride bikes, and roller skate. This was another first for Levi, which is why he surprised me when he said he wanted to try roller skating. He soon found that skiing was actually easier because skis are easier to stand on and the snow is softer than the hardwood floor! Ha ha.

Mother's hide your daughters when this motley crew comes riding down your street (Levi, Luke, and Jake)
Luke thinks he's a pretty cool dude!

On Saturday we came back to Denver to find that while we got no snow up in the mountains, Denver got 17 inches! We were all snowed out from the previous day (see above) and decided it would be fun to go to the Broomfield Rec Center pool. It was pretty cool with two big water slides (one for inner tubes), a lazy river, a family friendly hot tub (where the picture below was taken), and a fun kids area.

Here's the lazy river!

Here's Levi starting off with the kids slide (just to warm up).

Since Levi was still warming up on the kids slide, I took Austin for a ride on one of the big slides.  I can't tell if he liked it :)

Levi finally went on the big slide and LOVED it!  Here he is going with Alicia.

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