Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Icy River Rescue in Hot Sulpher Springs, CO

If you live in Denver, or if you're in my family, you may know by now that I have quit my day job and have become a news reporter!  Well, not really, but I did report a story and got video footage that ended up on many news channels on the evening news and online news stories across the U.S.

On Saturday (3/24/12) we heading out of Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to go on a picnic at Beaver Creek when we saw firetrucks driving through town (small town) heading towards the river.  We pulled over in the canyon to see what had happened and saw two kids standing on a floating chunk of ice with a fireman nearby who had crawled out on the ice to try and get the kids.  When I saw the kids on the ice, I grabbed my camera and caught the video of the rescue below.

If you want to read the full story of how a fisherman jumped in to save the first of the three kids, and how it all happened, check out these links below.  The story was published by more news stations, and some outside of Denver, but these are the ones that used my video (and gave me credit!).

NBC Original Video Story        NBC 9 News Colorado         CBS Denver         FOX 31 News